About the Photographer

Eric G. Weiner is a photographer who first used a camera when he was eight and was put off by the poor results due to his total ignorance of the medium. However, he was always in love with imagery and tried again buying a camera on his first major trip to Europe and North Africa when he was 18. He came back with more negatives than he could afford to process (it took 2 years). Two of his father's friends (photographers Nancy Crampton and Jack Feder) invited him to join them in The Village Camera Club. Here he met some of the greatest photographers of the twentieth century including Eugene Smith, Andre Kertesz, Ralph Gibson, Ernst Haas, Roman Vishniac, and many others. These encounters and critiques set him on a lifelong path.

Eric is not much of a self-promoter and so his work is not well known and has infrequently exhibited. Despite this his work is owned by a small coterie of sophisticated collectors and corporations in the United States, Canada and Europe. 

Eric is also a writer, his essays can be found on medium.com, and has very recently become a singer/songwriter (at the age of 70!). His music can be found on SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/user-85460685, Youtube https://youtu.be/cNuknpGpXmo, iTunes, Apple Music, and many other streaming platforms under the name "Old Man Eric".