Self assessment doesn't stop as you approach 60. For me it gets more interesting. I always admired Rembrandt's ruthless self-portraits as he aged - he showed himself practically decomposing in front of us - or so it seemed to me. Now when I look at his portraits and these I start to think he didn't look so bad after all. If even basic physiognomy is affected by vantage point can there be any one picture of the "true self?" Am I as wise and benevolent as this? Or as dyspeptic as this? As authoritarian as this guy? This is an image of myself I more easily accept - but is it any more "true"? Narcissistic thing to do during an embrace. On the other hand there is this show. I fight thugs as I age. I call it my mid life crisis. My daughter reminds me I am too old for a "mid" life crisis. As I look at myself at age 60 I still wonder... exactly who am I?